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How it started..

Little Joys Company

Opening on Earth Day 2020, Little Joys Company began as a way to bring a little joy to those who may need it..  After Moni Colon-Mireles struggled with the grief of many family losses, all while living with mental illnesses PTSD & OCD (both brought anxiety and bouts of depression), she turned to the healing powers of nature & crystals and knew she had to share this light. 

As a little girl she always enjoyed the art of creating and bringing joy to others by making little bracelets to give to friends and loved ones.  Her maternal grandmother, who was a hobby jewelry maker,  introduced her to the magic of crystals and gemstones .  Inheriting her love and fascination for Earth born gems, along with the grief of her passing in November 2019, Little Joys Company was born.   The letters LJC stand for the names of Moni's kids: Laila, Jaida, Cristian ; as they brought the most joy to her life during her depression and struggle with grief.   

During her battle, the word joy kept popping up as if it was a message from Divine.  Choose Joy.  Simple.  Choosing joy was hard though when followed by dark depression clouds.  Wearing jewelry infused with the power of  genuine Earth born crystals helped remind her of all the little joys in life and of her own magic.  Catching a glimpse of your Little Joys can help remind you of your own magic and remind you to choose joy, or love, or strength, or whatever message you need reminding of.  


Handcrafted and infused with love.. add a Little Joy to your life  today. 

MCM :  Moni Colon-Mireles


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